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The Benefits of Hiring a LICENSED Contractor!

Why do so many people forget to check if their flooring contractor, or any contractor for that matter, is licensed??!

It hurts us to see so many poor quality jobs that come back to haunt people and cost them 2x as much (or more!) to rectify further down the track.

Please people! Check to see if your contractor is licensed!

A Licensed contractor has many benefits but the number one being RESPONSIBILITY! Hiring contractors or not that they should really even be honoured with that term, hiring COWBOYS to do an important job such as your flooring WILL come back to haunt you! With no responsibility or warranty for their work they will do a quick and easy job get the cash and run (so to speak). They will give no regarding to correct preparation or finishing which will cause all number of issues.

The benefits of hiring a licensed contractor are:

  • Insured! The work is insured not only by them but also the Governing body providing the licence (in most cases meaning the Government backing you up in case of any issues).
  • Warranty! The work cannot be given a warranty if the contractor isn’t licensed in Australia. Warranty also means the contractor will care about the job they are doing and do it to the best of their abilities to ensure there aren’t any problems further down the track.
  • Unlicensed, uninsured & no legally backed warranty will mean the job isn’t done correctly. They will not care about the correct water proofing techniques, correct preparation, correct finishing, use of cheap & dodgy products. Which all leads to floors that will cause you more problems and possibly be really expensive fixes! Such as possibly needing a whole new floor due to water damage, inability to remove or go over the bad job done etc.
  • Government Track Record! Licensed contractors can be searched and you can even find their track history and record as if it were reviews!
  • Also ask yourself if you would get in a car with someone who sin’t licensed?! I know I wouldn’t!

With EFQ Epoxy Flooring Queensland you can rest assured knowing we are fully QBCC Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licensed contractors. Knowing our work will always be to the highest standard and done correctly so you won’t have any costly flooring issues in the future!