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DIY Epoxy Flooring

We are increasingly having to fix up dodgy & bodged flooring DIY at home jobs from people trying to paint their garage floors themselves. (Not to mention the ones we have to fix up from new and inexperienced so called “professionals”).

The most common problem we see is the paint or epoxy peeling away in areas, making it look worse than before.
The common mistakes we see people making is the minimal or often total lack of prep. Preparation is one of the most important aspects, but often overlooked because it often seen as the most tedious or boring part. Trust us this is a costly mistake!
The next one is the wrong choice of material. We are often seeing people using paint! Yes paint! Not even using a true epoxy flooring material. Sometimes it’s not even a durable or good choice of paint!

We don’t enjoy seeing people learn the hard way! So hopefully we will see less and less of this in future and this post can act as somewhat of notice to spreading the word.

Don’t risk doing it yourself! Get a professional!
Similarly on that note, also get a proper professional! One with experience and proof via numerous reviews!
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