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Case Studies
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A commercial epoxy coating project on this small boutique shop that the floor had been levelled with a self levelling compound. The substrate was in fair condition and needed a grind to remove the existing trowel impressions.. We chose a 120 grit as the surface was certainly not as hard as a usual concrete slab. The floor come up quite well with only a small amount of repairs to be completed. Approximately 2-4mm of top surface was removed in order to ensure a good working substrate for the final epoxy finish.

The owner chose a black base. After the first coat we sanded lightly. Upon waiting overnight for for the second coat we allowed to cure and once again a light sand to remove ant foreign particles. Once cleaned and prepared we applied 1 good coat of a full 100% UV stable Polyurethane clear. The gloss was outstanding.

After 2 weeks the shop was open to the public and the owner has reported she was extremely happy with the outcome…

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