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Epoxy Flooring is the new Polished Concrete!
Polished concrete is old news and well over used to be cool any longer! Move over Polished Concrete it’s time for a new cool kid on the block, Epoxy Flooring!

Epoxy flooring not only offers that sleek, polished look but it now enables you to have a completely solid colour finish which is proving very popular among architects & designers.

Leading architects are now choosing to use a solid white gloss or “polished” epoxy finish to give the most clean & minimalist look possible.

It makes sense, epoxy flooring is the best way to achieve the cleanest most minimal look. Polished concrete offers a clean gloss look but can no longer be perceived as cutting edge or modern, it’s simply way too over used and old news now.

A clean look extenuates items, furnishings or other key design elements and this clean look can only be achieved by epoxy flooring!

Not only this but it also makes spaces look a lot brighter, therefore providing a much more welcoming and desirable environment to work, play or live in!