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Epoxy Flooring No. 1 Environmentally Friendly Choice!

In a world where being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more important, it’s good to know you can count on Epoxy Flooring being the best environmentally choice you can make when it comes to floor finishes!

What makes epoxy flooring the best environmentally friendly choice for your flooring?

  • It’s Non-Toxic!
  • These floor finishes won’t leak out harmful pollutants like varnishes, stains, carpets etc.
  • The energy that goes into the production & installation of this type of flooring is the lowest there is!
  • Not only this ^ but because it also has the longest longevity vs any other flooring choice it means it shouldn’t need replacing or maintaining!
  • Epoxy flooring installations have been used to give more reflective surfaces to bounce light back further into spaces. Which means it uses much less electricity for lighting requirements!
  • People often forget about the chemicals (& ongoing cost!) involved in cleaning floors. Epoxy floors aren’t penetrable like concrete (or need continuous cleaning like carpets) because of this you don’t need to use harsh cleaning chemicals! Warm water will do the job!

So if you want to be environmentally conscious or are a designer needing to reach certain environmentally friendly ratings, Epoxy Flooring is the best all round choice!