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Epoxy Flooring – Pets, Vets & Kennels

Epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for pets, vets, kennels or any surface where our furry pet friends might be!

Everyone who has ever owned or knew anyone with a dog or a cat knows how much damage they do to the floor over time. If not immediately with a lot of cases, such as timber flooring or carpet.

Dogs are especially prone to scratching floors and wearing them faster than usual. Epoxy flooring offers the most durable and hard wearing flooring options available.

Then there is the number 1 most common cause of pet damage to floors.. using it purposefully or accidentally as a toilet!

Epoxy flooring offers an easy to clean floor surface that won’t let anything penetrate! Unlike tiled floors! Unwanted residue can seep into tiles and/or grout.

This is especially important for industrial flooring applications such as vets or kennels etc. Where cleaning after animal mess is a number one issue.

Epoxy floors also have the option of being treated with anti-bacterial surface! Which doesn’t come with any other flooring type!

We often think of ourselves first, or perhaps employees in industrial flooring applications, but it’s just as important that our pets don’t slip over. More or especially so when at the vets after surgery for example. With epoxy flooring you can have non-slip surfaces. So that’s flooring that is highly (the most) durable, germ proof (anti-bacterial) AND slip resistant! THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR FLOORING FOR VETERINARIANS!

The above are usually the most important issues when choosing flooring for animals & pets but it is also important to not that the epoxy flooring is also softer on their feet & claws than other flooring types. So you really can get the best of both worlds with epoxy flooring!

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