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How much would you spend to protect your home? For most, their home is their most expensive asset. So insurance is a no brainer and one of the most important decisions most people have to make.

But what’s better than a typical insurance policy?! Using the smartest and best construction methods to avoid any need to call on any insurance company in the first place! Happy days! ?

The most common insurance claims usually arise from water damage, water leaking from the areas where the taps were left on etc, (e.g. the bathroom leaking onto those nice timber floor boards in the kitchen or living areas!).

Not only that but here on the Sunshine Coast & Queensland, there is the real risk of flooding for many people.

Now, if our floors had carpet, timber or even tiles (the grout from prolonged water saturation can cause damage to the grout both in between and under the tiles), then our floors would most certainly need replacing. Which of course is a costly exercise and puts you with no where to walk and usually live for that period of renovations.

Yet if we had epoxy flooring we wouldn’t have any of those problems. The floor would be as good as new! It might have even cleaned it a little! ?

Not only that, but if you have a quality epoxy flooring installer like EFQ then you will most likely find the floor would have a slight taper to water outlet or exterior area, door or similar!

So make the right choice for a stress free life and get epoxy flooring in your home!

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