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Epoxy Flooring Tipped as the No. 1 Trend for Global Outdoor Flooring Market 2017-2021
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has tipped Epoxy Flooring as the number 1 trend in the Global Flooring Market (2017-2021) in a report detailed here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170703005340/en/Global-Outdoor-Flooring-Market-2017-2021—Key

We have covered numerous benefits of Epoxy Floors, especially for Australia and regions such as South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast:

But the main reason behind Berkshire Hathway’s Business Wire Report is the environmentally friendly benefits of Epoxy Flooring.

Most flooring types release toxins into the air, even (and sometimes especially) timber! Due to varnishes etc. But with Epoxy Flooring there isn’t any toxins released what so ever! Once the resin is set, it is one of the most impenetrable materials out there! Nothing is going to disturb this floor or any nasty toxins escape from it!

Another point noted was it’s “blendabilty”. Meaning it is the perfect choice for the widest use of applications, all sorts of designer choices and adapting to the latest trends / fashion. This is due to it easily being able to have various colours, patterns, smooth, rough & gloss finishes etc.

The last point noted was it’s perfect suitability for non-slip finishes. Which is extremely important in a world moving more and more towards being disabled friendly, litagatiously conscious & regulatory controlled. Regulations being a big one especially for Queensland where even our floors have to meet strict and exhaustive regulations & standards.