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Epoxy Floors are the SAFEST choice you can make!
What’s the most important thing when it comes to flooring? Looks & cost usually come to mind. Although Epoxy flooring has you covered for these, it is more important to remind ourselves that SAFETY should always come first!

Epoxy Floors are the safest choice you can make when it comes to flooring. This is because the flooring surface offers electrical & fire proofing qualities!

Epoxy floors have been tried and tested for electrical flow and have proven to be one of the least conductive choices available!

Why is this important? It’s important, if not invaluable, in applications where there may be sensitive electrical equipment involved. e.g. music venues, performance centers, stages, shows, music recording studios, industrial factories & warehouses, electrical stations to name a few.

When it comes to safety we don’t want to ignore the elephant in the room.. fire! When it comes to fire proofing & fire resistance, epoxy flooring comes out on top. Epoxy floors have similarly been tried and tested for fire resistance and have again proven to be the number one choice!

These decisions are often looked at too lightly from a residential perspective. People strangely seem to put more emphasis on looks than safety when it comes to the protection of their families! Hopefully this article will help people see the light on this issue.

Regardless of the residential issue above, the most used application for epoxy flooring is and will be industrial applications. When businesses make decisions on construction it is always safety first! It will prevent electrical shock for workers and it will prevent electrical flow across to areas where damage or fire can occur. It will also help stop the fire from spreading with its fire resistance qualities.

Come on people.. let’s put safety first!