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Epoxy Floors – The Best & Safest Choice For Industrial Buildings

Industrial floors really get it tough. It’s one of the most toughest environments for flooring and often over looked.

A tough environment needs a tough floor.. and this is why Epoxy Flooring is the best choice.

Not only do they offer the most durable finish available but it can also offer slip resistance at the same time.

Naked concrete floors are the usual flooring type for industrial buildings which can cause numerous problems. The number one being the wear of the concrete floor eventually leads to a nice shiny floor, ready & waiting for someone to slip.

(Other problems are it being porous, causing a lot of problems when water and especially corrosive liquids are spilt).

Ironically safety is usually the most important item for industrial companies & buildings. Yet we are still overlooking the floor. Usually the largest most visible & most used part of the whole building!

So let’s address the elephant in the room and start making our industrial floors not only more durable but also more safe!

Choosing an Epoxy Flooring finish will allow you to have a specified slip resistance, choice of colouring (white for more light etc, or even having the companies branding) etc. You can also have area markation, allowing an additional level of safety for perhaps separated danger areas, fire routes and more!

Another benefit to epoxy flooring finishes in industrial areas are for uses such as welding where sparks are flying everywhere and you need a tough flooring finish that is also easily maintained (unlike concrete).

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