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New Research Shows Strong Growth for the Epoxy Flooring Market!

Research recently conducted by Transparency Market Research, has shown that the Epoxy Flooring Market has shown considerable growth since 2014 and has predicted even stronger growth forecast to 2023.

In 2014 the North American Epoxy Flooring Market was valued at $325m and is estimated to reach $546.8m in 2023. Unfortunately we can only really use this data due to there not being any research at this level conducted into the Australian Epoxy Flooring market. Nether the less, with our strong comparisons to such a market it is still solid evidence to show a rising global interest and take up of Epoxy Flooring.

The strong performance of Epoxy Flooring was put down to it’s wear & tear resistance levels, safety capabilities, longevity & UV protection. We have covered the benefits of Epoxy Flooring extensively throughout our articles, seen here. But the main point of interest in the report is the highlighted UV protection benefits. UV protection is HUGELY important in Australia, especially Queensland when it comes to flooring / construction materials. So not only does Epoxy Flooring beat other flooring types in most of the usual areas such as cost, longevity, looks, modern etc it also won’t fade under the intensive sunlight in sunny Queensland / Australia. So if anything the Epoxy Flooring market of Australia will undoubtedly do better than the rest of the world if this has been proven by research to be a main contributing factor when choosing flooring.

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