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The New Flooring Choice For Gyms & Sports Floors

Epoxy Flooring has is rapidly becoming the most popular flooring choice for most applications. But one of the most overlooked is it’s importance and superiority over other flooring choices when it comes to gym & sports floors. Epoxy floors give you the ability to have the most durable floor finish available, but also has the ability to have customisable traction! So you can have highly slip resistance, non, medium etc. All this and the line markings are also durable! No more continuous maintenance for the lines! This is of course discussion mainly applicable to sporting only floors. But gyms / gym floors are also similar in their need for durability. Especially when it comes to group classes wear & tear and heavy weights being dropped continuously. Gym floors with epoxy flooring also give you the ability to market your brand across the floor! Innovative, customisable and looks great!

Not only is it the best choice for indoor gyms, sports floors, sporting arenas, but it is also the best for outdoor sports floors! It’s superior durability offers not only the best or even customisable traction! But is also the most durable choice even under the harshest of environments.. such as the Australian / QLD sun!

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