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When it comes to restaurants, bars, cafes, kitchens & all other varieties of food outlets SAFETY & HYGIENE is of upmost importance!

Epoxy floors address both issues outstandingly well. So well in fact there really shouldn’t be any other choice in flooring for when in comes to these types of areas.

Hygiene is upmost importance when it comes to food preparation & public health. Epoxy Floors are SEAMLESS! They won’t allow any bacteria to seep into seams & gaps which is the most common flooring hygiene issue. Coving is also done at all edges to stop any bacteria entering the crevasses this way, although other flooring types do this (such as vinyl) no other flooring type will also combine this with COMPLETE seamless floor across any given area!

Adding to this Epoxy Floors can also have a antibacterial polyurethane coating to further prevent any bacterial growth & hygiene problems.

Not only is bacteria mainly instigated through food preparation & storage but kitchen environments are also breading grounds for bacteria due to the high moisture & dark environment. So getting the most hygienic flooring is of upmost importance!

Not only does Epoxy Flooring look after hygiene problems so effectively but it also addresses all flooring safety issues at the same time!!

As we’ve covered before now, Epoxy Flooring offers the ability to be slip resistant! Which is especially important in AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND! Due to to some of the highest food preparation standards in the world!

Make sure your kitchen & food preparation areas are “covered” and contact us today to see what we can do for you!